Team and Organization


Teams are activated and organized on the basis of communication procedures and processes to improve and develop a synergy based on Flexibility, Loyalty and Learning.

Thanks to the presence of a permanent team and a support team we are able to manage simple and complex projects, managing to give our customers the machinery that best meets their needs, both in Italy and in the various countries of the world.


>>  General Manager / Technical Senjor expert in Packaging Technologies
>>  Staff of Mechanical Technicians and Electricians
>>  Designer and Technical Designer for the realization of projects with CAD System 2D / 3D CAD
>>  Technical Designer SW and Hardware Electrical Systems
>>  Production Managers for the execution and direction of production orders
>>  Sales and Marketing Consultants in different industrial sectors
>>  Distributors and agents in Italy in various countries of the world
>>  Administration and Accounting Office

Support team

>>  Experienced technicians in special assembly
>>  Experienced designers in different applications and systems
>>  Program supply agreements with companies supplying mechanical parts, components, treatments and special processing mainly located in the Bologna and Modena area
>>  Junior technicians in school / work placement projects or apprenticeship


For us it means continuing the relationship with the customer to follow the lines provided in the production, provide assistance, modify, adjust, learn and develop what is possible and necessary on existing lines or new supply.

Standard or ah hoc agreements of different activities

The After Sales Service takes place with standard or ad hoc agreements of activities such as:

• Visit and check service in one month from starting up to check operation of machine and getting feedback of machine operation: this is included in machine price
• Eventual adjustments or any additional accessories to improve and develop performance: included if comply with order specifications
• Spare parts service: priority Level 1 – 2 – 3 list and supply with delivery time depending on level of production priority (1 at stock, 2 in few days – 3 in one month as special part)
• After sale service by remote control or by visit of engineers in 24 hours max time depending on situation. Special agreement of Year based service and Maintenance operation having as clause Priority Service Assistance. Phone assistance available for 24 hours and all the year during
• Possible to organize a «Customer stock» by customer its plant to be invoiced on using and/or within 1 year from delivery.
Guarantee: 12 or 24 months from start-up according to General Sales Terms signed with Final Contract

Quality procedures and certification

We work according to the procedures with the intent to obtain the quality certification and according to the following phases:

• Request analysis
• Offer
• Order analysis + CIM drafting (machine identification card)
• Confirm order
• Check List with production program and progress status of the departments of the Mechanical and Electrical Technical Office, Purchasing, Manuals and Sales
• Technical file for Mechanical, Electrical and Software Assembly Department
• Pre-test and acceptance tests with customer technicians at our premises with CIM verification and Machine Manual
• Shipping, installation, start-up and instructions to personnel at the customer’s premises

Each of these phases is supported by documentation and reports that are continually updated, shared with the various departments and customer referents for a definitive drafting of the machine file and order on the basis of which the subsequent phases of Customer Service and After Sale, RS Technical and Commercial are established.